GET FROM ROUND ME (platinum_bitch) wrote in mellyz_graphicz,


hey im new to this community n i just wanna know if u quyz can make me a icon and a header / banner.....
for the icon...
i just want it like a tannish brownish color (( #c18d5a )) for the font and a white bakround (( #FFFFFE ))
i want it to say PEANUT.. n if its too big u can put P*NUT
and in the top left hand corner and the bottom right hand corner i want swirlz or w/e in the same color used on the text =D.. thats all for the icon..

for the header/ banner...
i want in really big cursive script like letters it sayins PLATINUM in the tannish color (( #c18d5a )) with the white bakround (( #FFFFFE )). and then under it in a cute like 'impact' font i want it to say .. i qot hata`z on ma skillz
playa`z trynna cop ma name
wit 10,0o0 bitchez
trynna rep ma name
in the tan color font (( #c18d5a )) wit da white bakround.. but i would really appreciate it if jus around the lil quote if u could put a thick tan and black border around it..if not then dont worry bout it..

so yes thats about it just the icon and header for now.. thanx soo much for ur quyz hard work if u can do this =D.. <33 peanut -aka- christina
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