|[ snOopii ]| (uniique_) wrote in mellyz_graphicz,
|[ snOopii ]|

Hey I would like to request a banner and matchinq icon

banner ; I would like the colors white and red and black to be used I would like the font to be somethinq similar to the one below and the size a reasonable size so that the font can be appreciated and also be leqible the text I would like on the banner is When we lauqh or we cry it's tOqether thrOuqh the rain nd the stOrmiest weather we qOn still be as one it's fOrever, it'z fOrever and in addition to the text I would like some swirls and hearts and all that other cute stuff that qo with the theme of love thanks!

Icon ; I would like a plain and simple icon that flashes and says snOopii in a corner somewhere with a little heart with maybe a swirl or anythinq

Thanks alot in advance of course credit will be qiven

_* snOopii
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