belkis (heyiitzbelkys) wrote in mellyz_graphicz,

Hey watsz up ladiiesz well Im new 2 da community & i hope itsz not a problem that i joined hope u dont mind...well I am not that LJ gifted so im gonna try my best to do my request!!
well here goes nuttin...

- icon  request form-
pics/images:I want an Icon relating to being heartbroken but i will move on like i want sumthing thatsz cutee but not too depressing saying a cute qoute....
colors: use hex codes in user info
text: Arial ( 9 )or
Comic Sans Ms
type of font: Arial ( 9 )or
Comic Sans Ms
name of font: (if applicapable) Arial ( 9 )or
Comic Sans Ms
image effects: (ex. swirls, hearts, stars) it doesnt matter 2 me anything that will match the icon !
specific brushes: (provide link) ??

i basically want a BIG header realting 2 da icon and then maybe my header could have a cute qoute....well do u kinda understand y im sayiing? If anything i dont kno if u guyz talk bout request through IMsz or emailsz but if u do and ur all confused juzt let me kno plzz...ok thanx sorry 4 any confusion like i mentioned earlier not LJ gifted at all !! <33

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