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Hey everyone,

i'm new, I looking to have a header made for my journal. I have around 4pictures I'd like to use.

•Background:(please describe very clearly and give us a links for this bkg thanks):

•Entry Box Alignment: center

•Scrollbar color(s): pink and a dark chocolate brown

•Font,Size,Color: Pink or the dark chocolate brown [ be creative with what you choose please]

•Comment Links to say: #  ( blinkie) pOunds lOst

•Cursor Type:

•Page Transition: be creative

•Blinkie Between Comments: or you can choose :]

•Extra Boxes: Umm you can be creative. But I do want a link to my info, and friends page please!!

•Anything Else: Be creative..  But I have a free account, but you can do just about anything you'd like. Any font, any swirles, stars, hearts, anything.. BE CREATIVE PLEASE!!

•Screen Resoultion: Header? isnt that 600 x 400? or something like that? l0l

My email is :
Credit ofcourse!!!!

x0x0 r
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